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About Us


Simplicity Logistics is a provider of transportation services and third-party logistics. Providing various transportation services for customers. The combination of our expertise and a large transportation network helps shippers cut cost and simplify their supply chain.


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Core Values That Matter

We’re committed to helping advance your goals as a shipper, carrier, or industry partner. Core values that matter means people over profits and partnerships over transactions. That’s how we like to do business.

Our Vision

The team at Simplicity is aiming to deliver a standard of high-caliber consistency for all our partners, customers, and carriers.

The Mission

We’re on a journey to help keep the trucking industry moving. Bringing shippers and carriers into a streamlined partnership is the ultimate goal.

The Simplicity Story

Ever since the beginning, our team has been focused on cultivating a culture of innovation. The transportation industry has always been the lifeline of the economy. Innovating new ways to help our shipping partners is why we’re in business. By combining a sophisticated suite of industry tools and an extensive network of carriers, word began to spread.

We want to discover how we can be an asset to your team. Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner or an emergency solution, we’re here to help.


Your business is our business. Therefore, we strive towards the extra mile.


Our innovation and strategies allow us to stay frontward and minimize deficiencies.


We let you signify our character by building a relationship with each and every Customers.

Taking An Innovative Approach

Having a dedication to innovation keeps the technological side of things evolving at a lightning pace. Streamlining communication, improving efficiency, maximizing savings, negotiating rates, automating paperwork, and managing shipments are the core responsibilities of what we do. And we do it innovatively.<br><br>

Utilizing technology to reach that goal is a constant part of our day-to-day jobs. Always seeking to expand our territory, grow our network, and add to our team helps fuel a culture of innovation, growth, and corporate responsibility.

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